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  • CH340G Replace FT232RL
  • Compared With The Previous Version Of Arduino Diecimila, Arduino Nano Has A Great Advantage
  • New High Quality
  • Made From Durable Materials For long Periods Of Time
  • Light And portable, Easy To Use
  • 1 TTL Level Serial Transceiver Port RX / TX
  • Using Atmel Atmega328P-AU MCU, Support ISP Download
  • Supports USB Download And Power Supply
  • Support External 5V ~ 12V DC Power Supply, Support 9V Power Supply
  • Arduino Nano V3.0 Is A Very Small Simple I / O Platform With Open Source Code
  • Using The latest Technology
  • Arduino Can Be Used To Develop Stand-alone Operation And has The Interactive Effect Of Electronic Products
  • Can Also Be Used To Develop A Computer That Connects Software Such As Flash, Processing, Max / Msp, PD, VVVV
Microcontroller ATmega328
Operating Voltage (logic level) 5V
Input Voltage 5V-12V
8 Analog Input Ports A0 ~ A7
14 Digital Input / Output Ports TX, RX, D2 ~ D13
6 PWM Ports D3, D5, D6, D9, D10, D11
1 TTL Level Serial Transceiver Port RX / TX
Flash 32 KB, Where 2 KB is Used By The Boot loader
Clock Speed 16 MHz
Analog I / O pins 8
DC Current Per I / O pin 40 mA
Digital I / O pins 22
PWM Output 6
Power Consumption 19 mA
Package Includes
  • 10 x Nano V3.0 Boards

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